Parent & Student Testimonials
When my daughter, Kasey, was 10 years old, she asked me if she could take sewing lessons.   I went to the local fabric
store and asked if they knew of a sewing teacher in the area.  They all replied that if I wanted the best teacher in the
region that I should call Kids Can Sew in Suisun.  Kasey enrolled in Cathy’s sewing school and fell in love immediately
with the art.

I am a high school French teacher and have known numerous educators over the years.  Cathy is one of the most skilled
and inspirational teachers I have met.  She teaches girls, boys, and adults alike.  She relates so well to all of them.

In Cathy’s class Kasey began by making a sewing bag and quickly progressed to crafting clothes from patterns.  
Eventually, she began creating her own styles and fashions.  Not only did Cathy teach Kasey to create clothes, but also
other items such as purses, accessories, stuffed animals, and even cat clothes, which they named “Kitty Chic”.  

Each spring Cathy and the students took their best projects to the Dixon May Fair, and in the summer, the Solano County
Fair.   Her students always came home with blue ribbons, trophies, and even “Best of Show”.

Cathy has a heart of gold.  At Christmastime the students make “Hats for the Homeless”, which Cathy delivers to the
local homeless shelter.

Although Cathy is a phenomenal sewing teacher, she is an even greater role model for her students (and their parents).  
While the children are sewing, Cathy often engages them in discussions about their lives.  Her life lessons are
invaluable.  She takes a vivid interest in each and every one of her charges.

Kasey is now 21 years old.  She is enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.  She
plans to be a costume designer for the film industry.  Due to her expert training, she has already been hired to design
costumes for a few short films.

Thank you, Cathy, for all that you do for your students and for the Vacaville, Fairfield, and Suisun community!
Chris Kuchinski, Vacaville
I would not have the life I do today had I not enrolled in Cathy’s sewing school 11 years ago. As I start the second part of
my life’s journey, I look back and see the incredible jump start Cathy has given me as I enter the world of costume and
fashion design. I cannot express how much more prepared and skilled I am than those I’m competing against. Not only
has Cathy taught me every technique imaginable in fashion sewing but I’ve also gained valuable life lessons along the
way.  Everything I do today has a little part of Cathy in it.

Kasey Kuchinski
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (Los Angeles)
Costume Designer
Winston (winner “best production design” and “best thriller” at Biola Film Festival 2007)
Heart and Will
Does the Devil Doubt
My daughter has been sewing with Cathy since she was 6 1/2 years old with 4-5 books under her feet in order for her to
reach the foot pedal of the sewing machine. Her very first project was a quilt she made and won 1st place in the Solano
County Fair (What a wonderful feeling that was for her self-confidence.). Since then she has made clothes not only for
herself, but also for her friends. When they wear their matching outfits, many people ask where they got them. They
cannot believe she has made them. She is now 10 years old, is making items that are more advanced, and continues to
enjoy sewing.

Recently my son has started sewing too. He is 7 years old and has started out with 4 books under his feet. He has made
himself some pretty awesome shorts, p.j. pants and a quilt that is hanging in my bedroom. I have been so pleased with
the confidence sewing has given both of my children. They are not competitive children so this is an art where they are
only competing with themselves.  

Jamie Rohrer, Vallejo
My nine-year-old son  has wanted to make a quilt since he was five.  I, however do not sew a stitch, nor have any desire to
do so.  When I lose a button, my husband sews it back on for me.  When my friend told me that both her daughter and son
were in this great sewing class on Sundays in Suisun I was thrilled, and couldn’t wait to tell my son about it and try it out.  
That was about a year ago, and he has been going ever since; he looks forward to it every week, (it’s the one thing he
actually doesn’t complain about).

He has always been creative and artistic and enjoys working and making things with his hands, so this is perfect for him.  
He has made two beautiful quilts in two different sizes, his first one he took to school to show his friends and teachers, and
they couldn’t believe that he actually had made it, and that it was his very first project.  He was beaming with pride!  He made
his dad a beautiful fleece robe with matching pajama pants.  But, I believe his favorite project has been making warm polar
fleece hats and scarves for the homeless, last Christmas.

He enjoys choosing his materials and learning how to use the different machines, getting to thread his own needle was a
big one.  Also, using the iron for the first time and cutting out his patterns.

His dad and I are both very pleased that he is learning this skill, (even though many feel it is more for girls), he is proud of
his work and is really enjoying it, as well as, having a lot of fun doing it.  We love Cathy and her assistant, Corrida, they are
both so good with the kids, they can’t help but have fun while they learn.

Mary Bichler, Vallejo
Cathy has been a wonderful sewing instructor and much more.  My daughter has been taking classes since she was 11
years old.  She is now 19 and still attends sewing classes, in addition to her being in her second year at the Art Institute of
San Francisco, majoring in Interior Design.  

She has the patience that children need when learning to sew.  She allows  them to work at their own pace and knows
when to advance them to new adventures with sewing projects.  Cathy encourages her students to enter their projects in
the Solano County Fair where the students win prizes, which promotes confidence and success with their sewing.  My
daughter has made numerous quilts for gifts, clothing for herself, home decorating projects, and she made her prom dress.

Cathy is very creative and knowledgeable in sewing.  She is a great friend with her students and their parents and always
lends a helping hand when she is able.  She has been a true blessing in my life as well as my daughter's and she will
always be.  

LaCynthia Carr, Fairfield
I have been going to Cathy's since the age of 11.  At 19 years old, I still go every Saturday, and there is really nothing that
can stop me from going. That is how important she is to me. She has taught me so much not only about sewing, but
about life. Cathy is not only my teacher, she is my mentor, my friend, and she is the big sister I never had! Thank you
Cathy so much, you've inspired me to work through the hard parts, and soar through the easy. God Bless You!

Corrida Carr
Art Institute of San Francisco
Interior Designer